1. Defining GIs

  1. Nature of GIs: GIs as a public good/knowledge commons – Trade Marks vs sui generis institutional forms, legal nature
  2. Origin and originality: product definition, geographical delimitation, link to origin, reputation
  3. GIs and innovation, including processing technology, farming methods, packaging, communication 

2. Managing GIs

  1. Governance of GIs: role of public authorities
  2. Governance of GIs: Collective organizations of the value chain for the management of GIs
  3. Control and certification mechanisms for GIs
  4. Enforcement of GIs
  5. GI marketing

3. GIs and sustainability

  1. Adaptation to climate change, agro-ecological transition, biodiversity
  2. Evaluation of the economic, social, environmental, cultural and other impacts of GIs

4. GIs and consumers

  1. GI food and impact on diets
  2. GIs in a world of differentiation: place-based products, combination between several geographically-linked labels and with other labels


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