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Strengthening GI systems worldwide: EU funded projects implemented by EUIPO
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The EU advocates for better protection of geographical indications internationally, via multilateral and bilateral agreements and technical cooperation with third countries. The EUIPO has been implementing international cooperation projects on behalf of the EU, to promote the development and implementation of GI systems in China, India, South-east Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Africa. The activities implemented across these regions range from: i) promotion of GI systems via studies and awareness raising ii) exchange good practice on legal and implementation frameworks , to iii) building capacity through technical training examiners, producers, practitioners, and enforcement authorities. Overall, more than 90 such activities in the field of GIs have been implemented in recent years by EUIPO under EU funded projects.

This translated into concrete accomplishments such as: drafting and review of GI legislation in some African and Caribbean countries, the effective implementation of GI registration systems including training of examiners and IT tools, the registration of specific GI products in their countries of origin and the EU (e.g. Kampott Pepper, Penja Pepper), the successful negotiations of the GI component of bilateral trade agreements with third countries such as the landmark agreement to protect 100 European Geographical Indications (GIs) in China against usurpation and imitation. In order to achieve this, the EUIPO, under the policy guidance of the Commission, engages with a wide range of stakeholders from EU and non-EU countries such as IP offices (IPOs), ministries of agriculture, customs and police authorities, judiciaries, and the private sector

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