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Geographical indication and agrobiodiversity: discussing issues and best practices with researchers and practitioners
Vandecandelaere Emilie  1, 2@  , Giovanni Belletti  3@  , Andrea Marescotti  3@  
1 : FAO
2 : FAO  (FAO)
3 : university of florence

Geographical Indications (GIs) can be considered as tools to contribute to sustainability and sustainable food systems, if well established and managed. Among the multiple aspects of sustainability, the preservation of the biodiversity is as a key element to contribute to the achievement of SDGs. Yet an abundant literature on GI and its relations to biodiversity, as the link between GI product, its specific quality and reputation often builds on a traditional production system that includes the use of local and endogenous varieties, thus agrobiodiversity. This literature shows how much the relations between GI processes and the preservation of agrobiodiversity is complex and never straightforward. They depend on many aspects and local conditions, including the type of product and production system, the importance of the local varieties in the production, the objectives of the producers group, their (in)capacity to tackle the related technical issues. This relation also evolves with the GI system and its local conditions along time. It appears that it is not possible to define general recipes to help practitioners and policymakers in enhancing GI processes towards the preservation of agrobiodiversity. Still, because of the nature of GI (an intellectual property right based on the link to origin, including when it is the case, the reference to local varieties) and the potential of GI processes (in particular through the specifications defined by the local community), there are definitively room for identifying and disseminating best practices and practical recommendations in relation with particular situations.

The proposal is to organize and moderate a session on the topic of GI and agrobiodiversity, to discuss with researchers, practitioners and representatives of public authorities the crucial nodes between GI processes and agrobiodiversity, where from specific situations and its related issues can emerge solutions. The session could be organized as follow: a presentation of the background and main interactions and issues between GI and agrobiodiversity, followed by an open discussion with the participants and experts to contribute with their knowledge and experience. This session would allow to identify crucial legal and technical issues, best practices and further topics for further research in this important field for GI sustainability.

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