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The headquarter of the Ceylon Cinnamon Geographical Indication Association is located at 42, Nawam Mawatha, Colombo, 00200, Sri Lanka.

Ceylon Cinnamon Geographical Indication Association is a non-profit, autonomous, apolitical, neutral and national association. This Association only serves the public interest. Ceylon Cinnamon Geographical Indication Association is created in 2019, and its duration is not limited.

Objectives and mission

Ceylon Cinnamon Geographical Indication Association is established for the defence and promotion of the producers' know-how and the name, quality and reputation of Ceylon Cinnamon, for the benefit of stakeholders involved from producers to consumers. To achieve these objectives;

Prepare the specifications of Ceylon Cinnamon qualities, a reputation that is inherent due to the origin and applies for its registration as a protected Geographical Indication (GI) under the Sri Lankan Law;

Create relations and cooperation/links between Ceylon cinnamon nursery owners, producers, processors, traders, organizations and relevant Statutory Institutions that comply with the specificity of Ceylon Cinnamon;

Promote the reputation and integrity of Ceylon Cinnamon by the improvement of its quality and preventing infringement or misuse of the Ceylon Cinnamon name;

Prepare and implement the internal control system to ensure the quality, traceability and uniqueness;

Identify and cooperate with the External Control Agent;

Train members and develop their capacities to produce Ceylon Cinnamon in compliance with the Traditional Knowledge, Standards and Specifications;

Examine and make a decision on the applications of those.

Maintain the register of nursery owners, producers, processors and traders accredited by the Internal Control Agent and communicate relevant information to members and External Control Agent as well as to the National Intellectual Office (NIPO) and interest parties upon request;

Prevent misuse of Ceylon Cinnamon name (by third party whose products that do not conform to the applicable standards and specifications;

Take necessary legal measures to protect the name of Ceylon Cinnamon from misuse or infringement;

Provide socio-economic benefits to producers /processors involved in the Ceylon Cinnamon supply chain;

Build capacity/awareness about GI of Ceylon Cinnamon among various stakeholders and consumers;

Take any other action needed to achieve the Association's objectives.


Ceylon Cinnamon nursery owners, producers, processors, traders, stakeholders and other interested persons of the cinnamon supply chain in Sri Lanka defined area that agree and shall act devotedly to promote the objectives of the Association can apply for the membership if also fulfilling the following criteria nursery owners;

Membership of the Association is open to citizens of Sri Lanka.

 Members' rights

To use the “Ceylon Cinnamon” name on the genuine Ceylon Cinnamon that they produce or sell; if they respect the specifications and are accredited by a relevant control agent or institution;

To be committed to the aims and objectives of the Association and to work accordingly;

To provide all relevant information related to the production and exploitation of Ceylon Cinnamon to the Association especially the number of harvested/ coppiced stems/ trees, production capacities, production and exploitation plans of Ceylon Cinnamon;

Obligation to take action on participatory decisions taken by the Ceylon Cinnamon Geographical Indication Association; 

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