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The Role of Geographical Indication (GI) in promoting Pakistan's agriculture sector with the support of Food Quality Standards in QFD Model
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This paper aims to explore the impact of Geographical Indication on the Pakistan Agro-industry by the mediating role of food quality and safety standards. In addition, aims to identify the GI impact on performance of Pakistan Agro industry by the application of quality and safety standards.


This study at first stage has designed the Quality Function Deployment Model to construct a correlation matrix between Agro-industry requirements and the global quality and safety standards. At the second stage the study has constructed structural equation model (SEM) to explain the effects of GI and global quality and safety standards on Agro industry performance. Data was collected by the 250 respondents related Agro-industry of Pakistan.


Three main finding have been reported based on the results of the study. First: As Pakistan is an Agro based economy and has abundance of high-quality Agro products. therefore, GI is an essential tool to protect Pakistan's Agro- products at global level. Secondly: GI Tagging would serve as a bridge between Pakistan and international markets by branding Pakistan's Agro products according to global quality and safety standards. Thirdly: there is a need to design supportive policies to promote GI tagging and for the implementation of global quality and safety standards in Pakistan's Agro industry to compete at global level.


This is the first study conducted in Pakistan to highlight GI importance in the context of Pakistan's Agro industry by defining global quality and safety standards.

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