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Sustainability strategy for GI; a bottom-up and participatory approach for GI sustainability
Vandecandelaere Emilie  1@  , Luis Fernando Samper  2@  , Massimo Vittori  3@  , Florence Tartanac  1@  
1 : FAO
2 : oriGIn
3 : oriGIn

Geographical Indications (GIs) are widely considered as tools to contribute to sustainable development, if established and well managed. While the literature may not always agree on the positive effects of GIs in all dimensions of sustainability (e.g., economic, social, and environmental), there is evidence that engaging GI value chains in a sustainability strategy can maximize improvements to the benefit of their territories and communities. FAO and oriGIn developed the Sustainability Strategy for GI (SSGI) to support GI producers and their associations so that they could engage in a participative approach to generate concrete progress and results in all sustainability dimensions, including governance. Our contribution aims at presenting the results of this bottom-up approach to sustainability and the pilot activities implemented with producers from Marcala coffee in Honduras, and more recently Paipa cheese and cocoa producers in Colombia as well as designing guidelines and toolkits to accompany producer associations and to set the stage to build alliances with their stakeholders at the different stages of the SSGI: prioritization, assessment, improvement and communication. A concrete demonstration of the use of the guidelines and the database of relevant indicators reviewed for GI sustainability will be organized.

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